Words Unsaid to a Past Man

You and I met on an unexpected day. I didn’t see it coming. I hated it. I hated you. You probably know that. But gladly I did. Glad that I was able to meet you. To know you. To share some events with you. Said that there’s a lot of good combinations, you even once […]

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Bluest Among Twelve 2/2

Fast Forward… I’m still in the process of forming and molding who I am with the help of September and the Virgin. I’m completely satisfied that I’m born with it and I told myself “oh this is who I am and it’s decided by the stars.” Reality… Though we are being told that we’re this […]

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Bluest Among Twelve 1/2

A child of September and a Virgin I was often asked back then when I was born. I said September. I would get this smirk reaction by some people and I can’t blame them because they said at some point people born under my month has some “Attitudes”. Oh well. Everyone does. Not only us […]

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The Call

THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING… I love to sing. It’s one thing that helps me escape, catch other people’s attention and express my emotions. I joined a few singing contests back then and I won some and lost some. Actually, I wasn’t comfortable competing using my voice. Maybe because it’s at some point scary to think […]

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What Inspires Me?

So I made some reflections months ago and I never really told anyone (not even my mama or what) that I am looking for myself. By means of that word, I’m looking for who am I, what are the things I enjoy and what’s my over all view about life as a Seventeen year old […]

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Solis Chika (4)

So I know I suck as of the moment for posting a Sunday segment on a Wednesday evening. Cool right? I’m terribly sorry for being inconsistent as of the moment since I have been really busy within the past few days. WHAT THE HECK!!!! So without anything else, let’s check what am I doing currently. […]

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Dear 16 year-old Angee

I know your sixteenth birthday is not what exactly you thought it would be. Your world was just back then revolving around school and chilling at home doing nothing. You would always jot things down at the back of your notebook pouring out your thoughts like you want to end this chapter of your life […]

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