September Wishes


Time flies it’s my birthday month and it’s the start of  ber months we’ve all been waiting for! What makes this month a lot more special is that I decided to step in the world of blogging whether I have a small amount of audience. (It doesn’t matter as long as I’m enjoying what I do.)

Soon enough, I’ll be 17 and I cannot wait to receive another blessing from God which is the gift of Life. Another chance to spread happiness which is my #1 motto in life.

Now, I’m doing this special segment in this blog wherein every start of the month, I’m going to post this article called “Monthly Wishes” that contains basically, what I plan to do for the month and if there’s any special occasions or upcoming events. (LOL RIGHT?)


Here’s the special dates to remember this SEPTEMBER!

  • September 5 – Kritia Dorado (bff)
  • September 9 – Eva Hernando (childhood friend)
  • September 10 – Byron Buitre (cousin the twinnie)
  • September 19 – TeamBonjie turns 20 months
  • September 22 – Lance Camba (cousin)



SEPTEMBER 20 IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I apologize, I don’t have any fancy events like a party or what! I’ll be spending my birthday with my family and the special people in my life ofc. It’s actually a Tuesday. I have school so it’s pretty simple and a normal weekday but hopefully, it’ll be something memorable.

Wishing that this September will be something that’s full of unforgettable memories.

Enjoy September 2016! I’m loving you!

xoxo, Angee


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