Solis Chika (1)

Same goes with my new segment called “Monthly Wishes” which I’ll post every beginning of the month, we’ll also be having a new segment here which is called “Solis Chika” which is dedicated about how my week went up. (I need to post often ofc. & this is also a bonus for you and me! Imagine that this is our way of a deeper connection.) so expect I’ll be posting weekly wrap ups here 🙂

082916 – 090416

So the entire week I was really pumped up and energetic (which I always am everyday) haha! I was very extreme with anything and everything. Also I instructed our Zumba last Friday haha! It was fun which I didn’t expected at all since I’m already skinny. I need food not Zumba. Hahahahaha!

A very happy week it is!


The grades are really good except with General Mathematics. Don’t even ask what I got haha! It’s a good school week. Nothing really heavy about school or pressures. It’s only the beginning of 2nd Sem so I consider it as a fresh start.


How will I get through Gen Math?



Green Tea Marshmallows from Baguio! I ordered a pack of two from Macy today! Will pick it up tomorrow morning!

Also! Nachos from Tea Gumps 😦 oh my goodness why do I have weird taste buds.



Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

Cold Water by Major Lazer ft Justin Bieber

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade


“Failure will not determine who will you be in the future.”

Did I just said that? Wow!


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