Goodbye’s hurt but heals

I promise my friend, I’ll still be there.

There where we first met.

There where we first fell.

There to wait just in case you come back;

And run to me once again.

I’ll forever be thankful for the two years of being with you.

Forever treasuring the things you and I can never find with somebody else.

I wish things didn’t ended up this way.

Ended up when our story is just starting to get beautiful.

I never thought my smiles will end up with tears and frown.

I never expected things would fall in a snap when it’s already grown…

But most of all, I never thought you’d let me down.

My heart felt a pinch;

and I know I would get weak to see you one day with someone else.

I know that everything will change slowly…

Just please don’t forget me.

Maybe right now I cannot get over you;

Because every time I see you pass by

I just can’t get over with such a view.

To see you and I being this way feels somewhat brand new.

This is something both of us aren’t used to.

But someday, old lover, we’ll get through together, separately.

Saying goodbye hurts but heals.

But who knows one day, we’ll be back and give us a shot? Right?

Whatever happens, I’ll always be here.

For you, the man I looked up to;

I’m now going to smile because I deserve to.


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