Solis Chika (3)

Hello people! It’s the THIRD WEEK of Solis!!! Yey! Also it’s a day away till my 17th birthday! Anyway, let’s start what have I been doing for this week and why am I not posting often. FORGIVE ME PLS.



Deadlines here and there. My energy is below -1 haha! Still, I’m proud I finished most. Few left.


I’m really worried about how I’ll budget the money for my Birthday Dinner. Speaking of that, I’m thinking if I’ll do s very short blog about how my Birthday exactly went. That sounds fun to me.

Also this food from Ineng’s Restaurant is bomb. Try it at Robinson’s Place Antipolo near National Bookstore.



Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne etc.

In the Name of Love – Martin Garrix


Actually, I’m not craving for anything as of the moment. All I want is something salty… which I always want every time.

Yep, that’s a trivia. I prefer Salts and Spices over Sweets. Weirdo right? lol.


PUMPED. That’s what I feel. I know everyone is always looking forward for birthdays but, me, I look forward for the entire birthday week itself.


I’ve been waiting for the longest time! I want the week to start because I’m really pumped to spend it with families and friends. CHEERS TO 17!


“You are responsible for your own happiness.”

Yarlllll! Anyway here’s a lil’ something from Alice which describes me as a whole. HEHE!




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