Birthday Haul

Good day people! Yesterday I officially turned 17 and today, it’s time to wrap up what I got for my 17th birthday! This is no way of bragging in any shape or form but a way of appreciation to the people who made effort in making my day extra special. 

Lets start off with what my mom got for me. I recieved three things from her. She got me a collection of poem by Lang Leav called “The Universe of Us” which I’ve been eyeing since it came out. Next is a pack of Sharpies because she knows I love anything art related adn lastly which is the sweetest, I revieved a Toblerone flavored cake which I personally like although I’m not a huge maniac with cake. So, thank you mommy if you’re reading this! ❤️❤️❤️ Here’s a picture of the birthday cake she got!

Next I’ll be talking about what my three best friends got and I’ll start with Macy’s. She ordered red velvet macaroons and cupcakes that came in a brown box with my nickname on top since she knows I always want one. Thank you Macy! I love it. ❤️❤️

So next comes from Mariel and weeks ago she already asked me what I want and last year she got me a pack of cupcakes with white icing and sprinkles so I told her I would want to eat them again this year and so I recieved a pack of cupcakes from her again although it’s not the exact I already ate one and it’s yummy. That’s it. Haha! Thank you Mariel! ❤️❤️

Moving onto what Abby got, it’s actually very special since it’s made out of her effort and it’s an Explosion box and inside she got a One Direction perfume since she would always see me using Mariel’s so that’s why! Haha! Also, she got me Kisses chocolate with a sweet note on it and lastly I got a cake from her with a greeting on it. Sweet right? I know. Thank you my Bebang! ❤️❤️

And wait. There’s more from these 3 girls. I got my Initials on a balloon and was surprised. Well it’s sweet of the three because I have never been surprised before. It was really the sweetest gift.

Next I’m going to share what my fave seatmate got. It’s from Jamie and I think it’s very thoughtful of her. Story is that she’s on the way to school early in the morning, she passed by a store because she remembered it’s my day. I know right? She’s the best. I got Oreos which is my fave cookie and Pocky in Matcha because I love me some matcha so thank you so much Jamie babes! Ily! ❤️❤️

Lastly, what I got from Borge. He’s my special friend and you guys probably know him already since I have some posts here related about him. So he surprised me with blue hellium balloons with photos sticked to it also, a bouquet of roses which I love. Flowers makes me happy and I never told anyone that but now, everyone knows. Thank you Borge for such effort. I love everything you did. ❤️❤️

So that concludes the blog for today! Thank you to everyone who greeted me and gave stuffs I don’t even think I deserve but they still gave it to me. Have a nice day ahead people! Wait for the upcoming posts! Love love! 


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