Dear 16 year-old Angee


I know your sixteenth birthday is not what exactly you thought it would be. Your world was just back then revolving around school and chilling at home doing nothing. You would always jot things down at the back of your notebook pouring out your thoughts like you want to end this chapter of your life when in fact, you just have started.

You’re in a point where you don’t even know what to act as… if you’ll start forgetting your childish ways like how you never tried to curl your spaghetti and just eat them like a 4 year-old does or start acting like a lady which a lot of people asks you to be.

This is the time you started thinking about what to take in college. You chose Mass Com and deep within you, you know you’ll excel there! Finally, you can do something at school you would really enjoy. Angelica, you thought sixteen is sweet but turns out it’s bittersweet actually. To those days you felt like doing nothing, you felt insecure, you felt dumb, you feel like giving up, lost in track, to all those tears you spent crying about the boy you loved so much, to the friends who stabbed you but yet you chose to embrace, your thoughts about your parents like you weren’t enough, thank God he gave it to you.

Without those trials, you wouldn’t be typing this letter as a Seventeen version of you. Thank yourself for trying and forcing to look. Now you know who you are as a person. You now know how much you love anything about arts and then you discovered your talent in writing as well. Thank yourself because you now know that not everyone you meet are all your friends. Thank yourself because you ended your chapter with something you could carry as you grow.

I wish you could’ve been more optimistic like you are today instead of always thinking the worse scenarios. I’m happy you did things you’ve never tried before. I’m happy you conquered heights which I’m proud you’re not afraid of. I’m happy you slowly learned how to do simple commute from bayan to school. How you opened yourself to new doors and wonders.

And even if you feel like you’re not the ideal daughter or girl people wants, I’m happy you know within yourself that you are you and you made that.

Love and with no regrets,

17 year-old me.


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