What Inspires Me?

So I made some reflections months ago and I never really told anyone (not even my mama or what) that I am looking for myself. By means of that word, I’m looking for who am I, what are the things I enjoy and what’s my over all view about life as a Seventeen year old girl (lady.)

Over time, I started looking for myself just this May and I’m lucky to find some pieces already and that is what I am going to share to you. I divided this article into parts then I will explain how did it inspired me. Let’s start!


There’s this quote that says “The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.” Now this sounds cheesy to some but sometimes, the cheesy things are the one’s really accurate and true. I was scrolling through Twitter weeks ago when I saw this quote and to be honest this quote really had a huge impact on how I view the events in my life that even if there are bad things that is/are going on, there’s always joy after everything.

With this quote I became half pessimist – half optimist. Before I’m fully a PESSIMISTIC type of person and people would always tell me that I’m way too negative but then now, I’m glad that I could weigh things and that I can be an optimistic person as well who doesn’t always think of the negative energy but also look and face the light on the other side.


I’m lazy. That’s very true. I don’t study and if my parents would see me studying they will be shocked and react like “wow this is miraculous.” I’m this type of person who just chills and trust in lucks before especially when I was Junior High. Now, I can proudly say that there’s a change.

I was inspired by people inside my room. Probably, this section of mine is the best one I’ve ever had.. maybe it’s because we all share same interests that is why but then there’s something in them that pumps my blood so good it makes me move everyday to go to school and study. That’s it.

I’m happy to see fast results. To see that just after a month, there are already fruits. The fruits of my success. Like passing my quizzes in Physical Education, Filipino and the subject I dread at… General Mathematics. I ranked 10th place and I was able to be a part of the Top 10.

Through this simple achievements, I am proud of myself that I did it. If I did, anybody could.


Discovering onself is a bumpy road. This is going to be very simple. I am already aware that I do have passion in singing and theater then as I move forward and grow I am slowly discovering more and more about me everyday.

So to wrap up what I have discovered so far, I discovered my love for writing stories and poems. I also became dedicated to my blog which you’re currently at. I became more active and productive especially at home I would always do coloring projects and post them online so people could see.

Now that I have shared the things I was inspired about, I hope these things could also help you develop or somehow encourage you to also look for yourself and find out who you really are. Spread happiness and be happy always. Life is beautiful and chaotic and it’s up to us how we will all live it.


xoxo, Angee.


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