Bluest Among Twelve 1/2


A child of September and a Virgin

I was often asked back then when I was born. I said September. I would get this smirk reaction by some people and I can’t blame them because they said at some point people born under my month has some “Attitudes”. Oh well. Everyone does. Not only us but everyone. I have this mindset before that September is an ugly month. I even wished I wasn’t born under it. Why can’t I be born on April when it’s summery and hot? or December when it’s chilly and the most wonderful time of the year? Little did I know, being born under September isn’t bad at all hence, behind it holds beautiful meanings, reasons and shades.

September people are said to be perfectionists. I am. I tend not to show unfinished business because I yearn for the best praises. I don’t know if being a perfectionist is a good or bad trait but as much as possible, I try to use the perfectionist trait in a good way making sure others won’t get mad or whatsoever with me.

Said to be good in writing which I think is also a check for me because I enjoy writing thoughts, stories, songs and poems. Communicating is another forte of a September child which is funny since I’m planning to take BA Communication maj. in either Journalism or Broadcasting for college. We are said to be intellectuals too. Through those, I found out that it was somehow me all in all. It was accurate and legit and for that shallow reason, I started to like my month. That’s not the end of it.




I’ve explored through daily activities. I dug deeper to know myself better. It was funny that whenever I would  read the traits and characteristics of September and it would match exactly who I am, I would laugh and be in such disbelief like “how come this would be so legit?” and laugh. It was kind of stupid though I know I’m not the only one who would react such. LOL! I later realized that September the Virgin and I are meant to be.

Connecting Virgo and I

I may say I like the idea of the mall but when you take me to anything nature beauty, I will love it. There’s a difference between like and love. I like the mall, but I love the nature. I’d rather go to high heights or dip my feet in the water. I’d rather play outside the house even if I also enjoy or like the idea of mall. Funny enough, Virgo’s element is Earth and I like all in all nature. Everything natural and clean. Pure. Earth doesn’t only hold fire, air or even water. It holds everything and is all around the places just like me. I was back then “Woah, this is killing me. Mind blown!”

Another is it’s color. To think I’m an earth element with the coldest color is quite messy but it sums me up too. Earth’s color may be warm just like my personality, I’m jolly, funny and outgoing. I’m loud and active. But like the coldest color I hold, a blue which seems cold can burn a person since September is known to give the worse sarcasm. EDI WOW. I said. But really guys, it was an awesome connection between my sign and I. It may appear at first that September-Virgo has a dual personality but no. It only shows one strong personality which I ended up loving and embracing.

I went through different favorite colors as well. I liked green and as of the moment I like Yellow. One time we’re asked to do an impromptu about our favorite color I ended up saying Blue Sapphire. I thought wait it was supposed to be Yellow. WAKE UP ANGEE!!!! I just blurted out a sapphire blue. It was my color.

Moving on…

I did ended up loving my own month and embracing it.

One thing I’m happy about being born in September is that I can stand and be all around the places even if I’m cold. It’s color may be less catchy compared to the other 11 months and signs but the traits and characteristics are the one’s making it strong and simply beautiful.

I can say that September, the Virgin and I are one through this. Being blue isn’t bad after all.




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