Bluest Among Twelve 2/2

Fast Forward…

I’m still in the process of forming and molding who I am with the help of September and the Virgin. I’m completely satisfied that I’m born with it and I told myself “oh this is who I am and it’s decided by the stars.”


Though we are being told that we’re this and that, I think that it’s still up to us if we’ll embody such or be a different one. They are just giving us few informations about what we are but all along, it’s all depending on us.

I’m a September and whatever happens it can’t be changed or switched. Just be glad you’re from it.


I may just see you above the night sky but I’m happy that I belong to those stars coming from you. I love the idea I came from a virgin and that I’m a part of your stars. To all Virgo’s embrace it. It’s a beautiful sign that can guide and mold one too.


Wake me up when you end because I can’t believe that the fact I was born under you is actually a beautiful reality that seems a dream. Simply beautiful. 




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