Birthday Haul

Good day people! Yesterday I officially turned 17 and today, it’s time to wrap up what I got for my 17th birthday! This is no way of bragging in any shape or form but a way of appreciation to the people who made effort in making my day extra special.  Lets start off with what […]

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Solis Chika (3)

Hello people! It’s the THIRD WEEK of Solis!!! Yey! Also it’s a day away till my 17th birthday! Anyway, let’s start what have I been doing for this week and why am I not posting often. FORGIVE ME PLS. SCHOOLING: Deadlines here and there. My energy is below -1 haha! Still, I’m proud I finished […]

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Being Happy

Is when nobody can control you. To do what you love. To know who you are. Being happy; Is when you can share smiles… Even if people are away for a thousand miles. And last; Being happy; Is when you know you found yourself lost in the middle of joy and sunshines. That’s when you […]

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Solis Chika (2)

Hello people! I just went under a surgery yesterday and all of my 2nd molars we’re removed. (Cool right?) This is the second vol. of my Solis Chika where I just tell you what I’ve been doing for the entire week so, leggo! 090516-091116 SCHOOLING: Projects are errwhere let me tell you. At some point […]

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Goodbye’s hurt but heals

I promise my friend, I’ll still be there. There where we first met. There where we first fell. There to wait just in case you come back; And run to me once again. I’ll forever be thankful for the two years of being with you. Forever treasuring the things you and I can never find […]

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Solis Chika (1)

Same goes with my new segment called “Monthly Wishes” which I’ll post every beginning of the month, we’ll also be having a new segment here which is called “Solis Chika” which is dedicated about how my week went up. (I need to post often ofc. & this is also a bonus for you and me! […]

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For Davao

Lord give strength for the families left behind of those who died. May the wounds of the people heal and give justice to the souls. Give them light after the darkness. Give them the courage to stand once again. Give them hope; And bring back the smiles in Davao. Glory be to the Father, and […]

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