September Wishes

Time flies it’s my birthday month and it’s the start of ┬áber months we’ve all been waiting for! What makes this month a lot more special is that I decided to step in the world of blogging whether I have a small amount of audience. (It doesn’t matter as long as I’m enjoying what I […]

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Oceans Unexplored

  If only I could turn back time, then I’ll go back to my twelfth self. Where all I know about life is that there’s no boundaries in between; And that being scolded at is not even a bad thing. That all I wanted is to be free; And explore oceans from west to east. […]

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If there’s no Me and You

Then maybe I wouldn’t be smiling the way I usually do. Then maybe up until now we haven’t got a clue. A clue with what is love and if it’s true. If it’s something that could lift us out of the blues. And if it would make us feel like love is something brand new. […]

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Six sticks was put together to create a flame. A flame that was made to keep a girl safe if she’s lost in the woods. Like how it could keep something everlasting like love, happiness and friendship. It’s heat keeping things warm when something turns cold. It’s heat keeping the six sticks on hold. But […]

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Slowly I can see that there’s an end; And that my life is about to die, now I can’t deny. You walked in looking like a saint. But now I see, you’re nothing but pain. Your touch felt ice. Your eyes aren’t nice. I asked you to roll the dice one last time, and you […]

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I entered and felt at ease the moment you squeezed my cheeks. What an atmosphere it is to feel a scent that drives me back to the good memories that clings. I laid my eyes on you and handed a warm liquid that felt home. You and I barely share coffee. We don’t even spend […]

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